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Exploring Speech Development in Children: Words Delay
June 8th, 2024

Dive into the intricate world of child speech development – from early coos to fully formed words. Discover why some children delay speaking and when to seek expert guidance for your little one's linguistic journey.

Communicate with Children Without Yelling
May 25th, 2024

Uncover effective strategies to communicate with children without resorting to yelling. Discover the detrimental effects of shouting on children and explore alternative methods for fostering cooperation and understanding. Learn how to navigate challenging parenting moments with patience and empathy in this insightful guide.

Divorce Effects on Children
May 11th, 2024

Uncover the profound impact of divorce on children's mental health. From enduring effects to common parental missteps post-divorce, explore the intricate emotional landscape kids navigate. Gain insights into how familial separation molds a child's behavior and values, shedding light on the psychological aftermath of divorce.

Family Image
Psychological Effects of Being Adopted
July 20th, 2023

No one denies that adoption is a good and beautiful thing, as it gives millions of children an opportunity for a better life. Both despite the undeniable importance of this institution, there is a side to it that’s not often talked about, namely, the psychological and emotional effects that being adopted could have on a child and on the person that it will eventually grow up to become. 

This is a very complex and multi-faceted issue, and it doesn’t help that people often dismiss it altogether (including adoptees). However, even if the trauma caused by being adopted doesn’t get acknowledged, it is still there, below the surface, and repressing it isn’t doing any favors to the adoptee. In the next lines, we will try to provide a more informed and clear perspective of this issue and talk about the way it can affect someone who is adopted.  

Parenting Mistakes Image
Most Common Parenting Mistakes to Avoid
April 23rd, 2023

Parenting is an art, and every parent strives to be the best they can for their children. However, as much as we try to be perfect, it is inevitable to make mistakes while raising our children. Sometimes, these mistakes can be minor, but at other times they can have lasting consequences that can negatively impact our children's lives. In this blog post, we will explore the common parenting mistakes that we need to avoid to raise healthy, happy, and well-adjusted children. 

Teen Pregnancy Image
Teenagers as Parents
April 23rd, 2023

Raising a child is both one of the most important and also most difficult and challenging things a person can do. It takes incredible patience, attention, care, and devotion to be a good parent, which is why it is important for soon-to-be-parents to be as prepared as possible mentally, financially, socially, and even physically. However, from a biological perspective, humans can have children as early as their teenage years, which is usually a period of a person’s life, during which he or she isn’t fully ready to take care of a child. Yet, once a baby is born, the baby doesn’t care about how young, inexperienced, and unprepared its parents are. The baby demands all the care in the world and its parents are the people best suited to provide that care, even if they are only teenagers. 

Child Depression Image
Child Anxiety and Depression
March 27th, 2023

We are used to thinking of depression and anxiety as mental health disorders that are only experienced by grown-ups. But while it is true that the life of an adult is a lot more stressful than that of a child, that is not to say that children cannot struggle with such disorders as well. However, while most adults will have the self-awareness to realize that they may need help with such a condition, the same cannot be said about a child. That is why it’s really important for parents to pay close attention to the behavioral clues of their children. © · 2024