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OnlineParentingCenter invites you to take part in our completely online positive parents program. Developed by a certified instructor and a member of the National Parent Instructor Association (NATPIA), our ppp parenting classes are designed to meet the state and court standards.

You may be required to participate in such a triple p parenting class by a court, judge, school, child protective services, parole or probation officer or another entity. To meet all of their requirements, we offer parenting classes with continuity from 4 up to 52 hours/weeks which come at prices starting from only $34.99.
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This course is not applicable for people in need of "Divorce/Co-Parenting classes".
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This course is not applicable for people in need of "Divorce/Co-Parenting classes".

The Significance of Positive Parenting

We all dream and try to build healthy relationships with our children. Relationships based on honesty, trust and unconditional love.

Many traditional parenting techniques prevent us from achieving this by creating an unstable foundation instead of helping us strengthen the bond with the child. Methods such as threats, penalties, timeouts or offering a reward to get him/her to do something would probably work in the short term, but they will not lead us to the goal.

Such disciplinary means give birth to fear, anxiety and mistrust. Worse, they use our love as a means to an end and send a message to the child that it is determined by his/her behavior. The child begins to believe that we love him/her when he/she behaves well, and vice versa. On the contrary, positive parenting has a different approach. It has the task of constantly strengthening the parent-child relationship.

Our connection with the child is a positive superpower of every parent, which is actually the only reason for him/her to voluntarily stop doing what he/she wants and listen to our guidance. Strengthening this relationship, parenting happens with ease, the days go by more pleasantly and most of all, we and the child become allies, not enemies.

Today's parents are encouraged to build good relationships with their children by using explanations and offering choices instead of yelling at them, embarrassing them, or using rewards or punishments.

This is an approach known as positive parenting - a method praised for standing in the middle between strict parenting and allowing children to do what they want.

The Phenomenon of 'Positive' and its First Appearances

The framework of positive parenting has existed since the 1920s (then called "positive discipline") and was introduced to the United States by Austrian psychiatrists Alfred Adler and Rudolf Drykurs.

However, it began to gain serious popularity in the 1990s, when the influential American psychologist Martin Seligman turned the field of positive parenting into an object of international interest.

Instead of analyzing the things that make people sick, positive psychology looks at what makes us happy.

When applied to parenting, this philosophy encourages parents to "capture the moments when their children are doing well" and provide more positive than negative feedback instead of focusing on bad behavior.

However, some people argue that constant positivity, or failure to achieve it, can have an effect. In her book on this phenomenon, American journalist Barbara Ehrenreich called it an ideological force that "encourages us to deny reality, to cheerfully submit to unhappiness, and to blame only ourselves for our fate."

Karin Koifman, a psychologist at the University of Kent, argues that all emotions play important roles. "Positive emotions are essential for building relationships, while negative emotions help in planning and thinking of a higher order, and are also essential for the survival of humanity," she said.

One of the potential risks of this parenting approach is that children will not learn how to interpret and react to negative emotions if parents do not allow them to see them.

Enroll in a Triple P Parenting Program Today

In order to provide its clients with a meaningful and really helpful positive parents program, OnlineParentingCenter has developed this educational class. Our triple p positive parenting program is designed and written by a certified parenting instructor and a member of The National Parent Instructor Association (NATPIA). This training is self-paced, self-study and completely online.

In addition, in case you want to improve your parenting skills and start upbringing your children by the positive parenting method, it is high time to enroll in our positive parenting online class. The triple p program is fully compliant with the requirements of courts, judges, parole or probation officers, legal representatives, child protective services within the country, schools or other organizations and entities and is designed to meet their standards.

Furthermore, OnlineParentingCenter provides positive parenting classes with different duration. Our courses have continuity from 4 up to 52 hours/weeks in order to meet the standards of the institution which requires you to participate in the training. Also, our triple p for parents courses come with competitive prices starting from $34.99 and the lowest price guarantee as well.

Finally, when you complete your education, you will be able to download your certificate of completion immediately. In addition, we will send it to you via email as soon as you complete the positive parenting course. Please note that our class has no hidden costs which means that neither the letter of enrollment, nor the certificate of completion will have any additional fees.

Is This The Course I am Required to Take?

We would like to inform our clients that the triple p-p-p has different names within the different states. Often naming the course under different names leads to confusion in our clients and they begin to doubt whether this is the right course for them. However, we have prepared a list with the different names under which you can find this parenting class. Read it carefully. If you find the name of the program you need to enroll in, please feel free to register today.

The Positive Parenting Program can be found under some of the following names:

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