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OnlineParentingCenter provides you with access to a completely online, self-paced and self-study CPS parenting classes. Designed and developed by a certified specialist and a member of the National Parent Instructor Association (NATPIA), our CPS classes meet the national standards.

Furthermore, our CPS parenting programs are offered with continuity between 4 and 52 hours and prices starting from $34.99. In addition to that, our classes are developed to meet the state standards and come with a guaranteed acceptance as well as the lowest price guarantee.
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This course is not applicable for people in need of "Divorce/Co-Parenting classes".
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This class may be also known as:
This course is not applicable for people in need of "Divorce/Co-Parenting classes".

Enroll in a CPS Parenting Class Provided by OnlineParentingCenter

OnlineParentingCenter provides completely online, self-paced and self-study CPS parenting classes. Our programs contain useful information on a number of topics about the child development stages, the crisis which may occur during the different periods of the children's growth, the upbringing of your children and useful advice on how to improve your parenting skills as well.

What is more, our CPS classes are provided with a different continuity from 4 up to 52 hours/weeks in order to satisfy every participant's needs. For instance, our 4-hour CPS class is the shortest one, while our 52-hour class is the most detailed.

Furthermore, at the end of your education, your certificate of completion will be emailed to you or on the other hand, you can download it from the dashboard in your account with us. Please note that both the Letter of enrollment and the Certificate of completion are official documents which certifies that you have successfully registered and completed your training with OnlineParentingCenter and unlike many other websites and course providers, come to you at no additional fees.

Child Protective Service and the CPS Class - Specifics

You may be required to enroll in such a CPS parenting class by a court, a judge, child protective services, a state or legal representative, a parole or probation officer, a school, employer or another entity or organization within the United States.

Most often, many parents are mandated by Child protective services or another organization to complete a parenting class in order to regain custody of their children.

Child protective services (CPS) is the legal name of a national agency whose main purpose is to provide child protection. However, please keep in mind that some states use another name of CPS. For instance, the Child protective services (CPS) may be found under some of the following names or acronyms:

Is This The Right Class For me?

Although our classes are developed to meet both the national and CPS standards, we highly recommend our participants to check whether their certificate of completion will be accepted by their state and county. In fact, some states and counties have specific requirements and do not accept distance learning certificates. So, before starting, make sure that this educational form will be approved by your state.

Also, as previously mentioned, some states use different names for child protective services. This is why there is a high chance to meet this online parenting class under different names. In case you hesitate whether this is the right program to enroll in, we have prepared a list with the names under you can find it:

However, If you have not found the parenting course name you are required to enroll in here or you still have worries and concerns, please feel free to contact us. Our customer services team will be glad to assist you.

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