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OnlineParentingCenter is devoted to equipping parents with the knowledge and skills required to establish a safe and loving environment for their children. Our mission is to provide online parenting courses of the highest standard that are aligned with American and Canadian regulations. 

Through promoting open communication, positive discipline, emotional regulation, and socialization, we aim to assist parents in developing bonds of trust with their youngsters. We believe that through offering education and support, parents can provide the best possible foundation for their children's future success and satisfaction.

The courses we offer are designed by certified parent instructors with significant experience. The flexibility of these courses allows parents to study at their own pace  and on their own timetable.

At OnlineParentingCenter, we endeavor to be an indispensable resource for parents and families in the United States and Canada. Our mission is to empower parents with the resources they need to surmount the challenges of parenthood and establish healthy, enjoyable relationships with their children.

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The American Course Educational Center (TACEC) is an online distance learning education school based in the United States. Our mission is to provide accessible and affordable education to everyone, regardless of their location or schedule. We hold that education is a fundamental right, and we strive to make high-quality courses available to anyone who desires to learn.

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The OnlineParentingCenter is an outstanding provider that delivers comprehensive parenting courses throughout the United States and Canada. As an esteemed member of TACEC, we are committed to providing students with an education that meets their individual requirements. Our courses are designed by a certified parent instructor who is also a NATPIA member, ensuring a solid foundation in fundamental parenting skills. We meticulously design our courses to meet the requirements of various entities and organizations across the United States and Canada. At OnlineParentingCenter, we endeavor to provide a comprehensive and accessible programme that arms participants with the skills necessary to raise healthy and happy children, accessible through self-paced and flexible learning.

What We Do

OnlineParentingCenter is an established platform that provides exhaustive and informative online parenting classes to help parents navigate the complexities of raising children. These classes aim to supply parents with the knowledge and skills necessary to raise happy, productive, and well-adjusted children. The courses cover a vast array of topics, such as child development, discipline techniques, communication skills, and strategies for overcoming obstacles such as bullying and substance abuse. Through education, OnlineParentingCenter helps parents become more prepared to cope with the numerous challenges of parenthood, while also meeting the requirements set by the authorities who mandated the programme. This platform is an indispensable resource that guarantees parents can provide their children with the necessary support and guidance to prosper.

Our Services

OnlineParentingCenter presents parenting skills classes designed to comply with the requirements of individual states and provinces in the United States and Canada, spanning in duration from 4 to 52 hours/week.


With hourly classes ranging from 4 to 52 hours, our programme allows you to study at your own tempo. 


Classes are designed to match your schedule, with options for 4-52 weeks and one session per week. 


Enroll and get around-the-clock access to our comprehensive parenting skills course.


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