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OnlineParentingCenter presents to your attention online training for foster parents with duration from 4 up to 52 hours. Alongside with the hourly courses, we provide weekly foster care classes as well, starting from only $34.99, making it easier for you to gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as a foster parent.

Our foster care training classes have been developed by a certified expert who is also a member of NATPIA. These classes have been designed to meet the highest standards of courts, adoption and foster care agencies, child protective services and other entities that allow distance learning in the United States and Canada.

We understand that becoming a foster parent can be challenging, which is why our courses cover a wide range of topics to help you feel confident and prepared for the journey ahead. From understanding the legal and ethical considerations of foster care to developing positive relationships with children in your care, our courses will equip you with valuable tools and insights to make a difference in a child's life.

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  • Approved by the majority of states and counties in the United States
  • The development of the curriculum complies with US national requirements
  • Certificate is accepted by US authorities and organizations that permit distant learning.
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  • Curriculum complies with national requirements for Canada
  • The certificate is approved by authorities in Canada that permit distance learning

What does it mean to be a foster parent?

Foster care is the process of upbringing and education of a child placed within a family. Being a foster parent means taking care of the child who will live with you as your own, providing them with everything they need for their peaceful growth. Also, you will have to educate them and sometimes this may be a very difficult task.

The foster parent accepts a child as a family member without adopting him. The placement and upbringing of a child in a foster family aims to guarantee his/her right to grow and develop in a healthy family environment. The foster parent accepts children whose parents are unable to care for them due to illness, poverty or a crisis in the family relationship, as well as children whose parents have been deprived of parental rights.

Being a foster parent is not easy at all. Becoming a foster parent is a mission, a cause that not many people would stand for. A responsible task on which a human life depends. Expectant parents occupy a special and extremely important place in the lives of children entrusted to their care. The responsibility of the foster parent is enormous - very often the children have been raised in families where they have been neglected  while their parents have suffered from various addictions. A large percentage of these same children have been victims of domestic violence in the past. The challenge is equally great for both parents and children. While the latter experience feelings of insecurity and confusion, foster parents are expected to be prepared to deal with any situation. And each case is different in its nature. 

Enrolling in a foster parent training is the first step towards change

If you have already researched the necessary requirements that accompany the foster care process, you are probably already aware of the fact that foster parents need to go through several additional educational sessions. Like many experts do, we also advise you to trust professionals for this purpose.

The expectant parents should be aware of what awaits them when accepting a child in their family and home. The training for foster parents aims to prepare parents for situations that may arise with children - how to approach them and what methods of education they could apply. 

OnlineParentingCenter gives you the opportunity to enroll in our foster parent course today. Our program has been developed by a certified expert and member of the NATPIA in order to meet the national, state and the requirements of any organization requiring you to complete a similar parenting class. We provide you with two types of training, depending on their duration. 

The first type of foster care classes are hourly programs with a duration ranging from 4 to 52 hours. The second type, on the other hand, are weekly courses, in which lectures are spread over an interval of 4 to 52 weeks. We traditionally recommend to our participants to strictly observe the time requirements of the agency/entity that asked them to complete training for foster parents.

Finally, at the end of your training you will receive free access to download your certificate of completion. It is a formal document certifying that you have successfully mastered the necessary knowledge. The certificates issued by OnlineParentingCenter are signed by a NATPIA expert and are accepted by any organization that allows distance learning. Still, in order to check whether your certificate will be accepted by your state or province, check your US/Canada acceptance.

What is a foster parenting class?

A foster parenting class is a training program designed to prepare individuals or couples for the responsibilities of becoming a foster parent.

Why do I need to take a foster parenting class?

You need to take a foster parenting class to learn about the legal and ethical requirements of becoming a foster parent, as well as the practical skills necessary to care for children who have experienced trauma or neglect.

Are foster parenting classes mandatory?

Yes, foster parenting classes are mandatory in most states and provinces for individuals or couples who want to become foster parents.

Who may mandate a foster care parenting class?

In the United States, foster care parenting classes can be mandated by state licensing agencies, child welfare departments, or courts. Some states require all prospective foster parents to complete a pre-approval training program that includes parenting classes.

In Canada, the requirements for becoming a foster parent vary by province and territory. In some jurisdictions, there are no specific mandated parenting classes, but most require prospective foster parents to undergo a home study and complete a training program that includes information about the legal and practical aspects of fostering children.

It's essential to check with your local child welfare department or agency to learn more about the requirements for becoming a foster parent and whether parenting classes are mandated in your jurisdiction.

How long does a foster parenting class take?

The duration of foster parenting classes varies depending on the program. Some classes may take a few hours, while others may take several weeks or months to complete.

What topics are covered in a foster parenting class?

Foster parenting classes typically cover topics such as child development, behavior management, trauma-informed care, cultural competency, legal and ethical considerations, and more. © · 2024