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OnlineParentingCenter's success depends on student satisfaction. To provide a rewarding and smooth learning experience for our students, we offer three vital guarantees.  These assurances show our dedication to offering high-quality, clear, inexpensive, and straightforward courses that fulfill students' needs.

Our first guarantee, "Guaranteed Acceptance," ensures that students' course completion certificates will be accepted in the US and Canada or they'll get a full refund. Second, our "Lowest Price Guarantee" promises the lowest industry prices and a 50% discount on any competitor's lower price. Finally, our "No Hidden Costs Guarantee" indicates that we will not charge extra for completion certificates or enrollment letters.

We support our students by offering excellent, easy-to-understand, and-implement courses. Our guarantees give our students peace of mind, ensuring that they can focus on their personal growth and improving their relationship with their children. Learn more about them below. 

  • Completely Online Programs
    Our parental skills courses are entirely online, providing our customers with flexibility and convenience. No classroom attendance is necessary.
  • Specialist-Developed Curriculum
    Curriculum is designed by a Certified Parent Instructor and NATPIA member, ensuring that it matches the highest regulatory requirements.
  • Automatic Progress Saving
    The feature that saves your progress ensures that you can register in and out as often as necessary without losing your progress and provides a seamless learning experience.

We are dedicated to offering high-quality parenting skill courses in the US and Canada that guarantee acceptance of your course completion certificate or a full refund. Rest assured that our courses will meet your needs and provide you with invaluable knowledge and practical skills to improve your relationship with your children.


Our commitment to affordability is unwavering. We offer the lowest prices in the industry and back it up with a Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find a similar parenting skills course that costs less than ours, contact us, and we will offer you 50% off the competitor's price.


At OnlineParentingCenter, we value openness and truthfulness. We do not charge extra for materials such as enrollment letters, completion certificates, and other content, unlike our competitors. You can anticipate a hassle-free, straightforward, and reliable experience with us.

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OnlineParentingCenter provides a comprehensive and convenient online parenting class program, developed by a certified parent instructor and a member of NATPIA. The program is entirely distance-based, with varying durations ranging from 4-52 hours/weeks and aims at helping parents develop and enhance their parenting skills. Our courses focus on a wide range of topics, such as child development, behavior management, communication and discipline techniques. The classes aim to provide parents with practical strategies that they can use to address common parenting challenges and improve their overall relationship with their children.

Additionally, many organizations require parents to attend parenting classes as part of a court order Child Protective Services, custody agreement, or other legal requirement. Our parenting classes are designed to meet their standards and are known to be widely recognized across the United States and Canada. Enrolling in the program does not involve any hidden costs, and there is a guarantee that ensures you receive quality training. Upon registration, you will receive a letter of enrollment and a certificate of completion at no additional cost. Samples are available for review online. 

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If I find a course with a cheaper price than yours, how can I use your lowest price guarantee?

The customer can request payment discount If they:

  1. Provide us a valid proof of a lower competitor’s price within 48 hours of their purchase on

  2. Provide us a valid proof of a lower competitor’s price prior to their purchase on

You can learn more about our lowest price guarantee by reading our Terms&Conditions.

How do I proceed if my certificate is rejected?

OnlineParentingCenter kindly ask participants to send their Letter of enrollment for pre-approval to the authority that mandated the parenting skills course completion. However, If anything occurs and the Certificate we provide you with is not accepted for occupational or legal requirements, we will make a full refund back to your bank account as soon as you send us a written proof of decline.

Cancellation requests will only be taken into account if the rejection is caused by non-acceptance of distance learning or the lack of proper credentials and qualifications of the course instructor.

It should be noted that refunds and cancellations are not accepted if students have not adhered to prescribed course length, program type (hourly/weekly options), or nature of the course.

In accordance with our guaranteed acceptance policy, participants may request a refund in cases of institutional denial. To qualify for this, written and signed proof of such denial must be provided within 7 business days of receipt. © · 2024