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Welcome to OnlineParentingCenter, your reliable resource for engaging online parenting classes. Our self-paced and set-paced courses are designed to facilitate modern parents' hectic schedules. With programmes ranging in length from 4 to 52 hours and weeks, you can select the one that best suits your needs. Our courses are created by certified parent specialists in accordance with the highest standards established by courts and national organizations in the United States and Canada.

Enroll today and gain access to a comprehensive online parenting program that is recognized and endorsed by courts, child protective agencies, children's social services, legal representatives, and other reputable organizations. Our distance learning platform allows you to acquire essential parenting skills from the comfort of your own home. Prices start at just $34.99, making it affordable for everyone.

Invest in your parenting journey and embark on a transformative experience with OnlineParentingCenter. Join thousands of satisfied parents who have successfully completed our courses and witnessed positive changes in their relationships with their children. Don't miss this opportunity to become a more confident and effective parent. Enroll now and unlock a brighter future for your family.

This Course is referred to as:
  • Parenting Skills Class
  • Child Endangerment Course
  • Child Abuse Class
  • Court Mandated Parenting Program
This course should not be considered:
  • Parent Education and Family Stabilization
  • Divorce Parenting Class
  • Co-Parenting Course
  • High Conflict Parenting Program
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  • Approved by the majority of states and counties in the United States
  • The development of the curriculum complies with US national requirements
  • Certificate is accepted by US authorities and organizations that permit distant learning.
  • Acknowledged widely throughout Canada's provinces and territories
  • Curriculum complies with national requirements for Canada
  • The certificate is approved by authorities in Canada that permit distance learning

The Importance of Parenthood 

Parenting is the process in which adults communicate and care for their children. Through observation, discipline, emotional closeness, control and requirements, parents raise their children and prepare them for life in society. The growth of a person as a person is influenced not only by the child-parent relationship, but also by the different systems in a family. These are the relationships between the parents, the relationships of the siblings and those of the family with other, outsiders. 

How important is the upbringing of children for their future development? This is a question that concerns all parents as well as many researchers. The answer that hundreds of studies point to is "very important." Parents influence their children in many ways. The relationships, the environment they choose for their children, the way they raise them, and much more.

In our society, the structure of the family is extremely diverse. Single-parent families, children of divorced parents, children raised by grandparents, foster parents etc. However, research shows that the structure and number of parents are not determinants of behavior and personality. They can, of course, influence the direction that children choose, but there are other factors that, in combination or individually, have an impact on personality development. Such factors may be the relationship between the two parents, the relationship between the parents on the one hand and the child on the other, the social status, the environment in which the child grows up and others. And although established approaches are followed in the process of working with parents and children, each family is an independent microstructure with its own characteristics in which children occupy a central place. 

What is it to be a Parent?

Being a parent is the most unique feeling in the world, but it is also the greatest responsibility. No matter how many books have been written on how to be good parents, everyone would rather agree with the maxim that: “before I had children I had at least two theories about raising them, now I have two children and no theories”.

Parenting is an extremely deep and comprehensive topic. It is difficult to get adequate advice on what you need to do to raise your child well. Each of us has our own value system and raises our children according to his/her own values ​​and beliefs. Our children need freedom in which to find themselves and express their potential, but at an early age they also need rules and guidance from us. They cannot cope in this world alone, and although they crave life without rules, if we leave them alone, we will raise very anxious and fearful children as they are not mature enough to take responsibility for their own behavior. 

It is important to guide children, but even more important is how we guide them. Gone are the days when the parent commands and the child obeys meekly. We have long seen how far authoritarian upbringing leads. Guiding our children with love is an art that, if we want to be good parents, we need to master.

This is the main mission that OnlineParentingCenter has set for itself - to lend a hand to parents who are burning with desire to understand their children, to instill in them moral values ​​and resilience and to watch them grow, becoming dignified members of our society.

Enroll in an Online Parenting Class and Start Understanding Your Child 

Whether you are trying to find a way to raise your own child, you are about to become a foster parent or you are in the process of adoption, we invite you to take the first step towards change today and enroll in our parenting class. This is an entirely educational program developed by certified experts, whose main purpose is to help parents with the upbringing of their children by providing them with useful information and valuable advice.

The parenting courses we offer are completely online and do not create any need to attend physical classes. Once you enroll and finish your registration process, you will gain access to our lessons and practical exercises. In fact, you can log in and reread your lectures as many times as you want. 

Furthermore, this online parenting class is absolutely self-paced and self-study. You have neither deadlines, nor do final exams. You can log into your account at any time, to start and pause your progress without losing it. 

Our parenting program will help you to understand your children better, to turn from a parent into a friend and thus to touch their inner world, their innermost emotions, worries and experiences. You will notice the change in yourself as soon as you read the first lessons. They will give you the opportunity to understand the parental role, the stages of child development, the types of parents and the consequences that each parental model leads to. 

Is This a Court Approved Parenting Class?

You may be required to enroll in such parenting classes by the court, a social services agency, child protective services, an employer or another legal organization in your home state or province. Developed by a certified instructor, our parent educational programs meet the requirements of any entity which allows distance learning within the United States and Canada. In order to make yourself sure that your Certificate of Completion will be accepted by a particular court, we advise you to check your county/province acceptance. 

In addition, the Certificate of Completion is an official document which certifies that you have successfully completed your parenting class and have gained the required parenting skills. 

In fact, once you enroll in OnlineParentingCenter’s program, you will receive a Letter of Enrollment via email. The letter contains your name, date of enrollment as well as information about the duration of the course you have participated in. Its main purpose is to serve as a proof of enrollment before the organization which required you to take a parenting class. 

Please note that you will gain access to the Certificate of Completion and the Letter of Enrollment at no additional costs. In fact, participating in our online parenting class, you have to pay only the course price which includes the documents mentioned above, access to our materials and exercises as well as constant customer and technical support.

Is This The Class I am Required to Take? 

OnlineParentingCenter provides you with access to this completely online parenting class. Please feel free to take part in this online parenting program If the court, an employer, a child protective services or another organization has required you to take some of the following classes:

  • Parenting Class;

  • Parenting Skills Class;

  • Adoption Class;

  • Expectant Parent Class;

  • New Baby Parenting Class;

  • New Parent Class;

  • CPS Parenting Class;

  • Child Custody Class;

  • Teenager Parenting Class;

  • Preadolescent Parenting Class;

  • Foster Parent Class;

  • DCFS Class;

  • Child Protective Services Parenting Class;

  • Child Endangerment Class;

  • Child Development Class;

  • Child Welfare Court Class;

  • Children’s Services Class.

This online parenting program may be also found under some of the mentioned names. However, If you are not completely sure whether this is the parent course you need, please feel free to reach us. We will be happy to assist you.

On the other hand, please keep in mind that this training is not applicable for people in need of divorce parenting class or co-parenting class. This is a completely different educational program whose main purpose is to provide useful knowledge to parents in the process of divorce. Please keep in mind that OnlineParentingCenter does not provide divorce and co-parenting classes at the current moment. 

What is an online parenting course?

An online parenting course is an educational program that provides valuable information and advice to parents through digital platforms.

Do you offer in-person classes?

No, OnlineParentingCenter only offers online parenting classes.

Who can mandate a parenting class?

Most often, parenting classes can be mandated by courts, judges, paroles and probation officers, legal representatives, schools and educational institutions, child protective services, child welfare, adoption and foster care agencies, employers and other entities within the United States and Canada.

Is this Parent Education and Family Stabilization course?

No. The program provided by OnlineParentingCenter should not be considered any of the following:

  • Parent Education and Family Stabilization;

  • Parents Without Conflicts;

  • Divorce/Co-parenting.

Which online parenting class should I take?

It depends on your specific needs as a parent. OnlineParentingCenter offers various types of parenting classes, including adoption, CPS mandated programs, positive parenting, teenager parenting, and foster parent classes.

Are the online parenting classes suitable for grandparents or caregivers?

Yes, the online parenting classes are suitable for grandparents, caregivers, or anyone involved in the upbringing of children. The content and strategies shared in the classes can benefit anyone in a parenting role.

Are parenting classes suitable for parents with children of different ages?

Yes, parenting classes are designed to provide guidance and strategies applicable to parents with children of different ages, from infants to teenagers.

How soon can I implement what I've learned from an online parenting class?

You can start implementing what you've learned from an online parenting class immediately. The knowledge and strategies provided can be applied in real-life parenting situations. © · 2024