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OnlineParentingCenter offers completely online parenting classes in Colorado with durability from 4 up to 52 hours/weeks. The courses provide meaningful content which is designed in compliance with the standards of courts, child protective services and adoption agencies in the state of Colorado.

In addition, our parenting skills programs are completely self-paced and self-study and have continuity from 4 up to 52 hours/weeks. They start from $34.99 and have no hidden fees. In the end of your parenting training in CO, you will get a free, instant certificate as well. Although our parenting courses in Colorado are known to be state approved and recognized by authorities within the state that allow non-presence educational forms, we highly advise you to check your county acceptance before enrolling. 

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This course is not applicable for people in need of "Divorce/Co-Parenting classes".
  • Colorado Parenting Courses: Divorce vs. General Skills

    It's important to note that the parenting courses offered by OnlineParentingCenter in Colorado are focused on parenting skills and are not specific to divorce or co-parenting situations. These courses cover a range of general topics such as child development, discipline strategies, and building positive relationships with children. In contrast, parenting courses for divorce and co-parenting are designed to help separated or divorced parents navigate the unique challenges of raising children together. It's essential to consider your needs and situation carefully before signing up for a course, and to ensure that you choose the course that best meets your requirements set by an entity in Colorado.

  • Cities With Most Enrollees in Colorado

    The Colorado cities with the highest participation rates in our online parenting programme are Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, and Lakewood.

Parenting Skills

Parenting skills classes provide resources and support to enhance parenting abilities and improve family dynamics.


Adoption parenting classes will equip you with the necessary skills to nurture and support your adopted child.

Child Development

Get guidance and support on key developmental milestones and foster healthy relationships with a child development program.

Foster Care

Foster care parenting courses train individuals to provide a safe and loving environment for children in foster care.

Teen Parenting

Teen parenting programs offer education and support for teenagers facing the responsibilities of parenthood.

CPS Parenting

CPS parenting courses provide skills and resources to improve parenting practices and meet requirements for child welfare services.

Positive Parenting

Positive parenting teaches effective communication, discipline, and nurturing skills to promote healthy child development.

DCF Child Care

DCF child care programs provide resources and support for families to ensure safe and healthy childcare environments.

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About the course

OnlineParentingCenter provides a comprehensive and convenient online parenting class program, developed by a certified parent instructor and a member of NATPIA. The program is entirely distance-based, with varying durations ranging from 4-52 hours/weeks and aims at helping parents develop and enhance their parenting skills. Our courses focus on a wide range of topics, such as child development, behavior management, communication and discipline techniques. The classes aim to provide parents with practical strategies that they can use to address common parenting challenges and improve their overall relationship with their children.

Additionally, many organizations require parents to attend parenting classes as part of a court order Child Protective Services, custody agreement, or other legal requirement. Our parenting classes are designed to meet their standards and are known to be widely recognized across the United States and Canada. Enrolling in the program does not involve any hidden costs, and there is a guarantee that ensures you receive quality training. Upon registration, you will receive a letter of enrollment and a certificate of completion at no additional cost. Samples are available for review online. 

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